MoonSheet #1

Answer the following questions using the Moon Slide Show ( site.  View all the pictures and read the text for slides 1-10.  Pay special attention to the slides that have questions.


Slide 1

1.       What are the lighter areas of the moon called?


2.       What is the translation for the Latin word "maria" that refers to the darker areas on the moon?


Slide 3

1.       When did the first manned rocket go to the moon?


2.       How many moon landings were there in the Apollo missions?


Slide 4

1.       Who is the person saluting the flag?


2.       Why do astronauts need space suits on the moon?


Slide 5

1.       What is an LRV?


Slide 6

1.       What did the astronauts of Apollo 17 use to fix a broken fender?


Slide 9

1.       What are "rake samples"?


2.       What is the surface of the moon like?


Slide 10

1.       Where do we keep lunar samples on earth?



Created for Fly Me to the Moon Virtual Field Trip

Laurie Fowler, March 2002