MoonSheet #2

Answer the following questions using the Earth’s Moon ( site.  Read through the information on this site and answer the following questions.


1.       Why does the moon’s appearance change?



2.       How long does it take the moon to go around the Earth?


3.       How long would it take a rocket to go to the moon and back?


4.       How big is the moon?


5.       Who first noticed the maria on the moon in the 1600s?


6.       What are the light spots on the moon where it is mountainous called?


7.       What is the moon’s largest crater?  How big is it?



8.       What causes craters on the moon?




9.       List 4 of the minerals found in moon rocks.




10.     What are the two types of moon rocks that the astronauts have brought back to Earth?



11.     Can an astronaut walk on the moon easily?  Why or why not?



12.     Why doesn’t the moon have an atmosphere?



13.     What are the perigee and apogee of the moon?  What is their distance in miles?


14.     Describe the moon during a lunar eclipse.