MoonSheet #3

Answer the following questions using the Lunar Life Support ( site. Read through the information on this site and answer the following questions.


1. What are the 9 life support systems?






Answer 4 of the following 9 questions.


2. Review the "Moon ABCs Fact Sheet." Will the Moonbase settlers automatically be able to breathe the atmosphere or will special provisions need to be made?


3. Why do you think communication would be important in each of the following situations:

         Between Moonbase settlers within their constructed settlement,

         Between settlers in the settlement and those conducting missions elsewhere on the surface of the Moon,

         Between Moonbase and Earth (How long does it take for a radio signal to travel the distance between Earth and the Moon?)


4. Review the facts you have learned about the Moon. Do you think the lack of atmosphere, natural gas, oil, and coal on the Moon would affect the production of electricity? How? Would materials have to be shipped from Earth? Should the lunar settlement rely on materials shipped from Earth?




5. It is likely that space in the Moonbase will be limited. Protein sources like cattle and vegetable sources like corn require substantial space for production. What are other sources of protein which take less space? What fruits and vegetables could be produced in limited space?



6. What value do you think entertainment would have on the Moon? (Would the Moonbase settlers need entertainment?)


7. Review the "Moon ABCs Fact Sheet." How do temperatures on the Moon compare with temperatures on Earth? Will the Moonbase inhabitants be able to exist without special temperature controls on the surface of the Moon? How about in their constructed Moonbase settlement?


8. Which transportation methods on Earth do you think would be particularly useful on the Moon? What features might you have to modify?



9. In movies like those starring "Indiana Jones," well preserved, ancient artifacts are often found in the desert. Scientists also find preserved artifacts in polar ice; for example, mastodons or ancient people. Why aren't they decayed?



10. Review the "Moon ABCs Fact Sheet." Where is the water on the Moon and in what form or forms does it exist?