Technology Lesson Plan


Name: Laurie Fowler

School: Technology in Motion


Title of Activity:  CyberTrip USA

Class or Grade Level:    6th Grade

Subject:      Social Studies

Time Allotment: 3 50 minute blocks

Objectives:  The student will:

Read for information.

Use the Internet for research.

Use print materials for research.

Create a travel brochure for a state.

Use correct citation format for information.


Materials/ Resources:

Computer lab with Internet Access

Print materials about the states including reference books, encyclopedias, and atlases.

Student worksheet found here.

Blank floppy disk for each student


Internet Resources:

Web site of activity:

Citation Machine:


Alabama State Course of Study Standards:


Technology Course of Study

1.) Demonstrate optimal posture and position at the computer workstation.

5.) Utilize an operating system efficiently.

9.) Cite electronic sources properly.

10.) Apply productivity/multimedia tools and peripherals to support personal productivity, group collaboration, communication, and learning throughout the curriculum.

11.) Follow procedures to design, develop, publish, and present products using technology resources that demonstrate and communicate curriculum concepts to audiences inside and outside the classroom.

12.) Integrate word processing skills across the curriculum.

Other Subject Area: Social Studies

1.) Extend the development of map and globe skills.

2.) Read, interpret, and organize information using a variety of sources and tools.

3.) Apply reference skills in independent investigations of selected topics.


SAT/Graduation Exam Standards:

Add these from the compendium.



1. Assign each student a state to research. Give each student a research worksheet.

2. Go to the library or computer lab to do Internet research.  Have half the students on a computer for 25 minutes; the other half should use print materials to locate information during this time.  After the initial 25 minutes, students should swap activities.

3.  This process may need to be repeated to insure all students have access to both the electronic and print resources.

4. After students have collected their information, they assemble their travel brochures using Microsoft Word.

5. Students will then create a Works Cited page that lists where they found their information.

6. When they finish, they print out the brochure and Works Cited Page.

7.  Then, students should turn in the research worksheet, brochure, and Works Cited page.




Each person will turn in a worksheet on his/her state and a brochure about the state.  The worksheet is worth 50 points, the brochure (with the required pictures and information) is worth 50 points, and the Works Cited page is worth 20 points.  The total for this assignment is 120 points.


Appendix: none



Form designed by Laurie Fowler, Technology in Motion