Journey to the Bottom of the Ocean

Welcome to the Virtual Field Trip to the Bottom of the Ocean. Your team will travel via the mini-sub to the ocean floor. Along the way you will observe and collect specimens of sea life. Each person in the team will be assigned a job and the results will be presented to the class using a Power Point Presentation.

Diver Roles:
Specimen collector
Mini-Sub Navigator
Scuba Diver #1
Scuba Diver #2

The following specimens should be collected on your trip. Your team will gather information and report the following in a Power Point Presentation.

Your team will report on the Body Symmetry, Respiration, Feeding
Movement and Support, Reproduction, and Defense Mechanisms of each specimen collected.


Pictures of each specimen, background information on each specimen, and unique characteristics about the specimens collected.  The team will present their findings to the class. The presentation should include 8 - 10

Making the Model:

Each team will  make a 3D model of one specimen collected. The team will use materials such as construction paper, markers, wire, pipe cleaners, cloth, buttons, or any fru-fru they need to complete the project.


Mrs. Sabrina Sheffield
Advanced Biology